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Hi my friend,

It is so lovely to meet you.

I am a web designer, photographer, mother of two little human beings and coffee addict.

I love creating beautiful things: no matter if that is a beautiful website, capturing beautiful branding photos or creating beautiful content.

Being a small business owner myself and having struggled with getting my business up and running, I love helping other small business owners stand out in this highly competitive online world by creating digital content that let’s them shine

Learn a bit more about me below or set up a call here for a virtual coffee to chat about you and your business ventures.


Learn about me and what I am passionate about

Hi there, I’m Jana, founder of Elevate Media.

For the past 15 years I have been working a full time job in Procurement for several global companies and run a family photography  business on the side, while also raising two beautiful human beings at the same time.

During that time I have expanded my photography portfolio into Brand Photography, capturing entrepreneurs and professionals to showcase what they and their business are about. I also created several websites for my own business and realised that I loved doing this just as much as taking photos as they had the same goal: being a beautiful representation of a business.

Tired of trying to divide myself between a 9 – 5 job, photography, web design and the family – and being inspired by all the entrepreneurs I have met on my journey – I decided 3 years ago to take the plunge and fully focus on photography & web design.

And I haven’t regretted this decision for only one second. I love the freedom of setting my own schedule, being flexible with my time to cater for my kids needs and investing my time and energy into helping others succeed in the online world – and along the way meeting incredible human beings.

During this time I have seen a growing demand for commercial photography from small business owners struggling with the pressure of posting fresh content and showing up themselves in their feeds. A lot of online entrepreneurs started to realise that just having an Instagram account just doesn’t cut it anymore – it is time to level up and create a great online presence, automate processes and set up highly functional funnels.

Clients that reach out to me typically have started their business a few years ago, often only having a Facebook Page and an Instagram account and have now decided to invest in growing their business further. They want to be taken seriously and need great photos and a professional website to attract their dream clients.

I want you to achieve that growth for your business by developing your brand story that makes you stand out of the crowd, truly connects to your customers and helps you succeed. 

I don’t just take a cookie cutter approach for all my clients – I believe every business is special and unique and I take the time to learn about what makes YOU unique and will incorporate that into your Brand Story.

Your brand story is about helping your customers experience you and build trust in your brand. It’s about creating a strong and meaningful brand image. Most of all, it is about making you feel beautiful and confident about your business.

For the past few years, I’ve had the honour of partnering with designers, life and business coaches, artists as well as other small and larger businesses. And now I am very much looking forward to chatting with you and hearing all about you and your business and make a plan on how we can grow your business together.

Learn a Little More About Me

Can’t Live Without:

Coffee, Chocolate, Wine and my Children 

I was born in:

Cottbus, Germany

I have lived in new zealand:

for over 13 years

my favourite travel destinations:

Cambodia & Burma

My favourite quote:

Life is full of choices. I choose happiness.

Describe Yourself in One Word:


Secret Talent:

I make great mulled wine. Perfect for those cold winter nights.