What you must bring to a Branding Photoshoot

You don’t have to have a wardrobe as big as Serena van der Woodsan from Gossip Girl to look good in a branded photoshoot. In fact, less really is more when it comes to your photoshoot. The aim for your photoshoot is to showcase the essence of your brand and highlight your personality. Here are a clothing branded photoshoot ideas and other essentials that you should bring with you on your day!

Why do you need a branded photoshoot?

You might be thinking, aren’t these just for influencers? I don’t need photos of myself on social media, my audience won’t care…


If you own a small business, especially in the service-based business, you are your brand. You are the reason why people buy from you or become your clients. A professional photoshoot helps with brand recognition and build trust. People crave genuine connections and like to see the face behind the brand. They want to know they can trust you before they buy from you and showing your face is the easiest and simplest way to build trust.

A branded photoshoot highlights YOU and YOUR brand, not someone else’s brand. It’s 100% #notanad and styled to your liking. You have complete control of the aesthetics down to what you want to wear and your own vibe.

What you wear in your branded photoshoot communicates a lot about your personality and your style. First impressions count on social media, so what do you need to bring with you on the day to make a lasting impression? 

Here are some Clothing branding shoot ideas and other essentials:

1.    Wardrobe:

There are a few golden rules to follow when doing branded photoshoots. Ask yourself, who will see these photos and what messages do you want to convey about your brand? Starting here will build the foundation for your shoot.

Think about your wardrobe. Now think about the message you want to tell your audience. If you’re a real-estate agent, corporate attire such as a blue suit would be appropriate to house buyers because it shows power and authority, but if you’re a creative, a more casual look such as jeans and a casual tee would highlight your creative side more.

Here are a few wardrobe tips:

        Wear solid colours.

Solid colours are easy on the eye and aren’t too distracting. You want to be the focal point of your image, not your clothing.

        Prints can be distracting

Especially polka dots, floral dresses, and pinstripes. These are fun to wear day-to-day but can turn out to be distracting in photos.

        Wear something you’re comfortable in

Wear clothes that make you feel confident. Think about the fit of your clothing too. You want to wear clothes that compliment your figure. Make sure that you can sit down in your outfit as you most likely will have a few shots sitting.

      Wear heels

Wearing heels will elongate your legs and look flattering on women. Wear heels you are comfortable in like ankle boots as opposed to stilettos. Ankle boots with a pair of jeans or a nice dress always look nice but choose a colour that compliments your outfit.

If you prefer wearing flats, go for it! Remember these are suggestions not rules!

        Bring a few options to play with,

This is your shoot, have fun with it!


2.    Wear your brand colours

You want to use these images on your social media pages and within your website, so it’s important to think about the cohesion of your brand colours and your wardrobe.

Think about your brand colour palette and wear complimentary colours. For example, if your brand’s colour pallet is blue, wear whites, creams, and blues.

Don’t wear colours that are opposites to your palette as this will be too confusing for your audience.

You can incorporate colours through accessories too such as jewelry, hats, or scarves. Have fun and play around with it!


3.    Mood board

You don’t have to act like a model on a branded photoshoot. We want to achieve happy, fun, candid shots but it is good to bring a reference

Think about the poses that will resonate well with your audience. Maybe you’re laughing at your phone or typing on your laptop. Or maybe you have an upcoming launch that you’re excited to release. These are the shots that excite your audience. They will stop to read them because they are engaging, and people love seeing a friendly happy face!!


4.    Natural makeup

Don’t go overboard with makeup. Less is more. Branded photoshoots are for highlighting your personality and to capture those key moments in between shots.

Unless you’re a beauty influencer, wearing too much eyeliner or bright blue eyeshadow is distracting to your audience. It will leave them commenting more about your makeup than your brand!


5.    Props

Think about the tools you use for your business. Your laptop, of course, is essential, your phone, and maybe a notebook to take down those 2am thoughts you have about your business. Coffee is also a nice prop because it gives you something to hold if you’re not sure what to do with your hands. If you sell products, bring them along to use for some flatlays and to show how the customers can engage with your products.


If you are a service based business, you might want to consider bringing along a friend to act as your client. Make sure they represent your ideal client ie if you are looking for large corporate clients, your friend showing up in  jeans and sneakers might not be the best choice.

A branded photoshoot is 100% about you.

You are the face behind the brand. If you have a product, make sure you bring it along with the packaging. These make great story-telling shots and people are naturally curious about how your brand came to be.

Stop using selfies or old travel photos and start investing in your business with professional photography.

It’s the easiest way to build brand recognition and to turn followers into warm leads. 

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